The concept sounds too good to be true: a tool that quickly analyzes your web content, after which you change a few words to have it 100% Search Engine Optimized. From now on, your website is guaranteed to be among the first Google Search results! But wait a minute –
In a previous article, I explained how to write a good blog. A blog that is not just an extra sales page, but that provides valuable content for your customers. And a blog that bridges the gap between what you want to convey and what your audience wants to read. This
Lokalisatie en vertaling
In any quality translation, localization is an essential part of the translation process. Localization is much more than just word-for-word translation into another language, it means that a text is specifically tailored to not just the language, but the culture of the target audience. For example, did you know that
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a long and complicated process. Think of it as furnishing your home; you start with the base, like picking the right wallpaper, then the fixed elements, like comfy furniture, and finally the details, like a few paintings. Furnishing a home is never finished, because you
In the world of online marketing, you always have a set of two options: you can go for traditional marketing or content marketing. Traditional marketing needs no introduction; you pay an X amount of money and your message will be broadcast to a particular audience. Content marketing on the other
Anybody can call themselves a translator. Literally anybody. You don’t need a degree. You don’t need to know the language you’re translating into. You don’t even need to do any of the work yourself as long as you can use Google Translate. This means that a paying customer moves into